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International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

For Judith Fellows

By Paul Summers, UK/Australia (Published in Issue 20)

Paul Summers was born in Blyth, Northumberland in 1967. He currently lives in Queensland, Australia. A founding editor of the magazines Billy Liar and Liar Republic, he has written extensively for TV, film, radio and the theatre. He has published several collections of poetry. You can find out about his latest collection "Union", here.


Illustration: Monserrat Vazquez del Mercado is an artist whose work include traditional and digital Illustration, animation and texture design in several projects. Her work mixes stylish and nostalgic themes, this portrait is based on one of the most popular actresses of the silent cinema.

She is based in Guadalajara, Mexico.

MVR  Illustration:


for judith fellows


whose cells conspired

to cut her short


dead in her prime

& someone else’s


i finger these photos

like morphine phials


both welcome & not

like midnight’s ghosts


they grind the edges

of these angled days


a million miles now

from splendid youth


& all of our promise

dissolving into fact.