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Andrew Taylor: 3 Poems Published

Poems by Andrew Taylor (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 46 














5.18 peak hour train

        valid thru

one-way peak

GCT 1     Larchmont 13

Metro North Railroad



             Publicists in crisis!


             puts you

at the top of your game


Helping to build better communities

Harlem 125th St




           worklofts &


Gratitude over the water



Under the bridge


All hands





                 Where’s Holly?


Remain inside

               tracks are electrified 






No! It's not spring

              full salt barn



Useless depot

pre-dawn birdsong


Blue bucket of Gold


the sound of

        a windswept shore


inland the A1 winds its way


          Hit it!









The Watford Gap


Camouflage undergrowth

at least the sun is shining


Nic is concerned


look for closeness of trains

as they speed  north / south


Perspective alters

            depending on seating


Free Parking for 2 hours


Against the blue birch

phone mast

            silver straight

   gaps in hedge


The ravens  circle

        shadow reflected


In summer

                    place to picnic

In spring

                make phone calls

on the

     way south


Document the change

About the Poet

Andrew Taylor is a Nottingham (UK) based poet, editor and lecturer. His debut collection of poetry, Radio Mast Horizon was published in 2013 by Shearsman Books. His latest pamphlet Future Dust was published by Original Plus in 2015. Poems have recently appeared in Stride, Coney’s Loft, The Curly Mind and New Walk. He co-edits erbacce and erbacce-Press as well as the visual poetry blog M58. He reviews poetry for The Ofi Press Magazine, Orbis, The Journal and New Walk.

Images: "Blue" by Crystal Touchton and "View on Black" by McD22.