The Ofi Press Magazine

International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

An adventure is about to begin. Are you ready?

By Daniela Thions Meyer, Mexico/Canada (Published in Issue 1)



Breath in. Be alert. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Be prepared. Be aware. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Are you ready? An adventure is about to begin. Breathe out.

 Breathe in; hold the oxygen in your body for as long as you can, then feel as it escapes your body, leaving your muscles begging for more. This will help you consciously realize who you are. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Take a moment and feel your body interact with your mind, with your environment. Get to know the last things you can about yourself before the great journey. Fear nothing, fear no one. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Savor everything that is given and learn, soak it all up, take every instant and tattoo it to some part of your brain. Stand still at the start line; make a last run through of everything you’ve got. A quick mental list of who you trust, where you stand, who you love, who loves you, where home is, who home is, why you are here, what makes you, what breaks you, what terrifies you and what pushes you. When they try to push you down this will build you back up. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Think hard. Remember everything. Laugh violently. Cry tenderly. Forget passionately. Smile tragically. Scream carefully. And love recklessly. Just once, be wildly unprepared.   Once you have done all this, once all of these items are accounted for and it is clear in your mind, think of the finish line. Focus on it. Hold the vision steady on your horizon; make sure there is no possible way you can stray. Be ready for any obstacle. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Feel the rush, the excitement. Taste the fear and the desire. Live it. Live, passionately, the moments to come. Take your time, enjoy. Relax, be observant. This moment will not happen again. Feel the sun, touch the sky, smell the wind, taste the water. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. You are now, more than ever, aware of everything. Take it all in, let time stand still and observe the world in slow motion. Breathe out. 

 Breathe in. Close your eyes. Block everything out of your world. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Take one last look at your competition. Feed on their fear. Breathe out. 

 Breathe in. Forget everything and focus. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. This is it. Breathe out.

 Breathe in. Breathe out.










Daniela Thions Meyer is a writer at heart and an explorer of the world, trying to find a way in the chaos or at the very least some beauty in the race of life.