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Translations Editor - Don Cellini

Don Cellini is a teacher, poet, translator and photographer. 

He is the author of Approximations / Aproximaciones and Inkblots both collections of bilingual poems published by March Street Press.  His book of prose poems, Translate into English and the collection Candidates for Sainthood and Other Sinners / Aprendices de Santo y otros pecadores (in collaboration with Fer de la Cruz) were both published by Mayapple Press.

His work  Elías Nandino: Selected Poems (McFarland) is the first book-length translation of the Mexican poet.  Imagenes para una anunciación / Images for an annunciation, his translation of the work of Mexican poet Roxana Elvridge-Thomas, was published by FootHills Publishing.  His most recent translation is Desire I remember but Love, No (Floricanto Press), the work of poet Sergio Téllez-Pon, also from Mexico.

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