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Fon Tuma (Cameroon)

 Indigo Timing



We could be twins

crystal-like rock we found

between the strata in the ground

We kiss as we swim.


"I'm not racial" she sings

Burn before speaking

Race you to the beach

See how my sword gleams.


With world domination

on the line,

Who could care a thing

for human rights?


We could be twins

my lover and I

We, consumers of Cush

from the ancient kingdom


- of Cush.




Fon Tuma is a Cameroonian poet and author and his first collection of poetry is undergoing publication review. He lived and travelled for five years in India and is interested in the powers that govern man and his surroundings. Life is his inspiration.


    Cronometro Indigo

Versión español de Karenina Osnaya


Podríamos ser gemelos

Como cristal de roca que encontramos

Entré los estratos del suelo

Nos besamos y nadamos.


“No soy racial” ella canta

Que se quema antes de hablar

Carrera hasta la playa

Mira mi espada brillar.


Con dominación mundial

de premio

A quien le importa

los derechos humanos?


Podríamos ser gemelos

mi amante y yo

Nosotros, consumidores de Cush


del viejo reino

- de Cush.