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Emmy Verschoor: Artwork

Artwork by Emmy Verschoor (The Netherland)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 42 


At first, I make layers of transparent colors. Then I add a line or two, a new color, a different line.

I develop my work like a composer—I am painting music.

All the magic I have heard I want to paint.

I use acrylic, foil and all kinds of material to create texture.

With my fingers and self-made stamps, I start to make visual the music I have played and listened to.

For ten years my hearing has gotten worse and worse; not good for a piano teacher, so I searched for other ways of expression.

I have let my fingers express, first on a grand piano, now on canvas.

Let the colors speak for themselves, let the texture catch the light creating shadows.

After decades of listening, playing and teaching music, 

I now paint music. 





Framed in Time


Bella Toscana




Happy Red

Changing My Ways

About the Artist

Emmy Verschoor (1953)  has spent the first few decades of her adult life playing and teaching the piano.

In 2008 she started to paint, her ever increasing hearing loss did not allow her to express herself any longer through music. Her art has now been shown in a few expo’s in the Netherlands, some auctions abroad  and in few travelling art projects.

Two of her paintings are featured in the book Estuary, another three pieces in Drifting Down The Lane, both anthologies edited by sculptor Harriette Lawler and poet Agnes Marton.

Her art is mostly abstract expressionism, experimental in material, shapes and colours. Her work is usually created with acrylic, pastel, watercolours  and ink on canvas  or paper.  She uses brushes sparingly, her work is primarily created with her fingers and her selfmade stamps.

She is currently living in the northern part of The Netherlands.