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Alma Luz Villanueva: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Alma Luz Villanueva (USA/Mexico)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 49




Dear World, Dear IxChel, Dear Merlin...    


Merlin passes mi casita

numerous times a day, his

Aztec profile makes me

smile, his Toltec


passengers at ease, they

trust him not to take

them to the sacrificial

altar, the Priest who


would rip their beating

hearts from their chests,

offer such Life to the

Aztec Sun, IxChel


replaced with blood

thirsty gods, birth

blood, that warrior

act of creating  Life,


replaced with taking Life,

we've entered that

Time again, the blood

thirsty gods/Muslim/


Christian/Simple Greed

rips the beating hearts,

such Life, that rots,

melts into Madre


Tierra's Womb, She

remembers each one, the

stories each heart

holds, cell by cell,


She remembers,

and Merlin does

his daily job

so sweetly.

        *        *        *

USA drones targeting the

enermy, collateral damage,

grandmother picking dinner in

her garden, children


playing soccer, father

driving taxi, woman

carrying child in her

sacred womb, collateral


damage, collateral

damage, in Iran they

execute poets, visionaries,

women who love from


choice/heart, buried to

the neck, stoned to their

loving deaths, in the

Congo soldiers rape


babies, cut them out of

their mother's ripe

wombs, laughing, Isis

sells young women, 8 year


old girls sexual slaves

reward their soldiers,

murder their fathers, sons,

brothers, husbands by


the thousands, Israel

keeps Palestine in their

concentration camps,

USA school to prison,


highest for profit

prison system in the

world, men/women of

color gunned down in




the streets, hung in

jail cells, girls of

rape denied abortion

Latin America, corrupt


Mexico/Latin American

countries (funded USA School

Of The Americas, activists

murdered, 43 Mexican


student teachers tortured,

murdered, journalists murdered)...

I must pause to think/re-member

the zillions of human


daily kindnesses where

IxChel, Coatlique, Quan Yin,

Tara, Oya, Changing Woman

continue to live, La Virgen


over the door of

mi casita, painted the

color of fire, where

I live, dream,


dream, live

as Merlin

drives by

so sweetly.

        *        *        *

Older women, men, pause

to bless themselves, mi

casita of fire, La Virgen,

IxChel over my door, they


re-mind me of the

Sacred we create,

must create daily, I

know the beauty of




the wild Sierras, forest,

glacier lake, scent of

pine/cedar, coyote calls,

where my wolf dog


ran free, his song to

the Full Moon, never

barked, he was not my

pet- ally, friend, dream


shifter- I pray

dear World, dear IxChel,

that my future children,

this Earth, find the


wild Sierras, forests,

glacial lakes, re-member

how to dream shift,

bless themselves, each


other, never/ever know

the meaning of war and

that they re-invent

the act of Creation, to


create the sacred

daily, one thousand

years from now, to

be magicians of


el alma/the soul,

to live each

day, this Earth,

so sweetly.

About the Poet

Alma Luz Villanueva has published eight books of poetry, most recently, 'GRACIAS.' Also, four novels, most recently, 'SONG OF THE GOLDEN SCORPION.' Both poetry and fiction in many anthologies, magazines, as well as textbooks. She's taught in the MFA in Creative Writing, Antioch University Los Angeles, the past nineteen years- and has lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the past twelve years (bringing her Yaqui Mamacita's Spirit home). 

Image: "Ixchel" by Jason Rosenberg.

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